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Hong Kong Turns 1!

13th Feb 2016


This is it, we are finally one! One year of great moments connecting talents and innovative companies in Hong Kong. For the occasion, we invited some of our candidates and clients to join us in this celebration along with our hosts at The Hive Wanchai. 

Everything started with Matt just a year ago, things ramped up quickly and Xpand settled down to the Hive in Wanchai; the Xpand Hong Kong spirit started to spread. More satisfied candidates and clients joined us in our expansion. The team grew along with Salome, Nick, Vivian, Phil, Chris and most recently, myself and Vicki. We have been united with common passions, people, Digital and Technology which have made every day a great one. No one needed to tell us to “smile on the dial”, we always have been.

Now we want to share our everyday happiness in our office, around some drinks, crisps and our magnificent birthday cake.  We start receiving our first guests around 6pm. We cleared the tables from the CVs and notebooks, replacing it with nibbles and cups, then turned on the volume and the party picked up bit by bit as people keep coming in. The Xpanders were actively serving the cake slices and drinks. Soon the entire office was full, and it was time to raise toasts and take some pictures for the occasion.

The party went on for almost 2 hours and everyone but the Xpanders started going back home for the weekend. We cleaned up everything and headed straight for the one of the nearby bars, where the celebration went on (and on)! We are one year, one team, one spirit, we are Xpand Hong Kong!