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Big Data Wrap-Up: X:ED KL in partnership with Women Who Code

29th Mar 2016


“Finding talent remains the key challenge in Malaysia that hinders companies to fully integrate Big Data adaptation in their core strategy.”

We recently concluded our first-ever X:ED event in KL last week and it was a success! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and contributed to making it happen.

Lakshmi, Peter, Nuhaa and Soumitra – the success of this event is attributed to your expertise in the area of Big Data and your passion for educate and inspire young professionals
Women Who Code led by Chee Yim and Jecelyn – both of them worked tirelessly to find sponsors and facilitated the session
ServiceRocket – they housed our event and served us healthy options for snack and dinner
Participants – without you, there will be no event!

We arrived at the venue a little early and all has been set up except for our banners. After 30 minutes, people started to come in but it also started to rain! We are a bit nervous as people might decide not to come but few minutes after, wave and wave of people started to arrive. It was great that our speakers were early too and the participants were given a chance to engage with them. We can actually just continue with that format, as everyone was so eager to ask questions and know more!

During the panel discussion, I am amazed to see that everyone was so engaged and hooked. I didn’t even see any participants looking at his or her mobile phones not even once! Well, there were maybe 1 or 2… But still, the level of energy and interest were so high that when we opened up the floor for questions, it was non-stop. It was contrary to my expectation that people will be shy and reserved.

We have a quite diverse audience. We have the data analysts, BAs, and developers. But what’s interesting to see is a dentist and IOT engineer! It goes to show that Big Data is everywhere!

To sum it up, here are some of my takeaways:

-       There are still a lot of companies and individuals who do not know what exactly Big Data is. They might be doing part of it, but not on a full scale. It is an unknown territory and they are afraid to take the first step.
-       Market adaptation of Big Data for Malaysian companies (excluding MNCs) has improved for the past years but it is still not where it should be.
-       Finding talent remains the key challenge that hinders companies to fully integrate Big Data adaptation in their core strategy.
-       Government thru MDeC is making a big push promoting and evangelizing Big Data to be a big part of their business.
-       Maths and Statistics degrees are vital for you to start your career in Big Data but it’s not the only thing you need.
-       Big data is everywhere! Video footage can now be used to predict future behaviors.

It was a great turnout overall and we are looking forward to producing more related events to reach out to a wider community of Digital, Technology, Media, and Sales & Marketing talent. Stay tuned! Click here for more pictures and to follow us on Facebook.