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X:ED & AAN: FinTech – The New Australian Revolution?

4th Apr 2016


Fintech is beginning to disrupt the financial world as we know it. The financial industry is now more focused than ever on technological innovation than at any other time. It’s so important, Malcolm Turnbull referred to it in his first speech as PM. 

But, for those unfamiliar with the term, here’s a quick explainer.

Put simply, Fintech is financial technology; a digital revolution. It’s about major changes to asset management, business and personal loans, fundraising, money transfers, and the way we invest. Fintech involves disrupting the way all businesses operate, as well as our personal finances. Why pay to see a financial advisor when you can get financial advice online for a much lower price?

6:00pm – Networking, food and drinks

6:30pm - Presentations

Priyanka Dayalan - Business Development Consultant Capital Markets Technology 
Presentation: FinTech – Australian Staffing Trends and Demands

Our very own Priyanka. 
Priyanka has a strong background in FinTech recruitment and specialises predominately within the Capital Markets Tech space. Being amongst all the action day in day out, she has a very good grasp of the marketplace and its demands. Sometimes a job description can be said to merely scrape the surface when referring to client expectations, however, with her excellence is client and candidate relationship management, Priyanka is able to provide  well-rounded solutions for professionals working within the FinTech industry.

David Davies - CEO of Xisons and Fintech Investor 
Presentation: Exchanges in the Era of Cryptoledgers, Evolution or Extinction?

David has over a decade in senior roles at global investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Nomura & SCB). Every time hr envisioned & delivered global solutions which were unanticipated and achieved multi $M savings and efficiency.

In between banking, David was the founder CEO of successful startups in FinTech SaaS and mobile technology (back in 2001 when mobile was very new).

He is a regular panelist, speaker or presenter at regional or global financial industry events:
WFIC 2013, WFIC 2015, APFIC 2010-2015, Cloud Data Expo 2013/4, Big Data World Expo 2014/5, Trading Architecture Sing/Japan 2011-2015, FISD Japan/Sing/Aust/Europe 2012-2015, Asian Banker Summit 2013, Data Centre World 2014

Jim Drainas  - COO Cloudcase
Presentation: Cloudcase an active FinTech disruptor 

Jim Drainas is an experienced Technology Executive with over 25 years experience in information technology, innovations, software development and architectural consulting services. Jim has an extensive background in real-time mission critical systems from design to delivery, spanning several key industries including; Telecommunications, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Defence and Government. 

Jim has applied his wide industry knowledge to create a digital disruption platform for the financial services sector. He  is one of the founding partners of CloudCase Software Solutions which is a FinTech organisation based at Stone and Chalk and provides an originations platform to financial services sector. CloudCase as a FinTech startup has exceeded its sales targets by a factor of two and has recently sold a license to an international bank.

7:30pm – Panel discussion/Q&A   

Scott Newham - Founder of Metamako 

Scott Newham is a co-founder of Metamako, an Australian computer network technology company that makes the fastest switches for traders, brokers, banks, exchanges, data centres and network service providers. Metamako devices are used throughout the world's finance centres to reduce latency, provide visibility and increase flexibility and reliability. Scott is a veteran software developer with many years of experience in building low-latency trading technology including algorithmic platforms, market gateways, order books and matching engines. These days he is involved in the management of Metamako but still keeps his sleeves rolled up writing some device firmware and answering customer queries.

Gerhard Diedericks  -  Digital Venture Architect & Director of Finiti Ventures

Gerhard is the founder of 3 Digital Startups with a strong network in the Australian Startup community of Incubators, Accelerators, Angels and Venture Capital Firms + 18 years Technology Consulting experience. He has been  winner the of Top 100 Australian Innovation Award. He is Currently working with nabtrade on a number of Fintech Incubation style projects as well as being the Founder & Venture Architect at Finiti Ventures. He founded Finiti Ventures to create a niche, curated network of disruptive Innovators, Founders and CTO’s who share a strong vision for a new type of venturing advisory service. Finiti Ventures combines and delivers digital innovation, product incubation, development, and commercialisation assistance.  He founded Finiti Ventures to go beyond providing consulting, design, and technology services to also help form strategic venture teams with its clients in order to rapidly develop, launch, and grow transformational digital products, platforms, and businesses. It delivers these benefits through the role of a Venture Architect.

Alexander Johnston - Director of Client Technology -  Thomson Reuters Australia

Alex Johnston is Director of Client Technology for Thomson Reuters where he is responsible for investigating emerging technology, industry trends and challenges facing clients in the medium to long term. He adds insight and value to strategic technology-oriented discussions both internally and with clients. As disruption continues to spread across the financial services, Alex provides thought leadership on the emerging technology of relevance and explains how Thomson Reuters responds to the challenge of Big Data, Linked Data, Machine Intelligence, Blockchain, Digitization, Mobile, Cloud, Identity and Visualization. He works with strategy and product managers to identify new products and services that monetize emerging technology (e.g., Blockchain within Risk, Machine Intelligence in Market Data). Alex also engages with Stone & Chalk—Sydney’s largest FinTech hub—on behalf of Thomson Reuters. His areas of expertise and personal interest include Machine Intelligence, Linked Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain/Smart Contracts. Alex is a core member of the ANZ, Thomson Reuters and IBM Hackathon in April, and has spoken at the following events in the last 3 months • Persing Discover Conference 2016 – Panel • Antipodean Conference 2016 – Keynote & Presentation • The Big Data Explosion and Intelligence Tools 2016 – Panel • Intelligence Tools for Growth 2015 - Panel

Farid Sammur -  starXchange Asset Manager- FICC Digital at  National Australia Bank

Farid started off life as a Software Engineer working in a team of PHd physicists and mathematicians for the European Space Agency working on software to simulate atmospheric entry of space craft capturing radiative heat exchanges within the craft. Progressed into a start-up where he was responsible for the engineering of a new software platform that pulses through Financial Institutions Datacentre’s, capturing a 3D model of the housed components, power levels and temperatures. Simulations were subsequently run to predict points of weakness due to heat build-up or restricted air flow, this then evolved to be almost real-time with the introduction of a TickDB and CEP. After this Farid moved onto consulting, bringing a start-up culture to banks, engineering FICC eCommerce solutions through to setting up a Fintech for consortium of 10 Tier 1 banks. Now the CTO for NABs Institutional and Corporate FX platforms, bringing in a front-office engineering culture.

8:30pm – Final Q&A’s and wrap-up 

8:45pm – Door prize presentations 

Door Prize (FitBit HR) sponsored by Cloudcase Software Solutions

8:45pm onwards - Networking and drinks 

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