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Why Do I Love My Job?

21st Sep 2016 Laetitia Kunz


I have been working in recruitment for the past 5 years and joined Xpand about 6 months ago. In my career I have worked with different recruitment agencies, clients and candidates, ranging from temporary to permanent, retained, contingent and contained searches, boutique as well as big firms with more or less transparent commission structures.

Some of the companies have great training and on-boarding programs, excellent managers/less good ones, global/regional/local clients and candidates, KPI/non-KPI driven businesses, junior till executive candidates, HR/Talent Acquisition/Line Managers/CEOs, unknown/almost unknown/famous/very famous brands.

The various employers I have worked for so far have some things in common: They are highly specialised, perform well with a good reputation on the market and are driven by a young and dynamic culture.

When I started looking for a new opportunity 6 months ago I considered my next move very carefully and asked myself what the ideal next step would be. I also asked myself what I like the most about my job and which agency would be able to make me love my job even more. I am not trying to sell you Xpand. I am going to tell you, dear reader, what motivates me to wake up and go to work every day.

Recruitment is far from being an easy job and at the same time it’s not too complex. My current boss often says what we do isn'™t rocket science and I more than agree with him. What we do does not require exceptional skills and long studies. It requires common sense, interaction with a wide range of people, cultures, backgrounds, to be open-minded and flexible.

It requires you to be patient, a good listener, critical and analytical and stress resistant. Furthermore a good sense of humour helps interacting with my clients and candidates, and building and maintaining a strong network of talents and contacts is essential.

If you have ever wondered why some people choose a career in recruitment, what recruitment is about or if you are thinking about a career in the recruitment industry, let me explain briefly what drives me.

- It's the excitement I have during and at the end of a call or a meeting with someone who is passionate about what they do. This can be a client, an assistant or a candidate and speaking with someone who feels good in its job or believe in what she/he does every day is highly enjoyable considering that more than 70% of our life is dedicated to work.

- It'™s because every day is different and that’s even more true in recruitment. There is no routine. Everything you have been working on for the past weeks or even months can suddenly fall apart or be a successful placement, just with an email or a call. It’s a fast-paced industry and sometimes it feels like riding on a roller coaster to be able to manage stress, relationships, time and expectations.

- It's getting to know the people as well as myself better because there'™s something new every day and because one of the most complex and crucial thing in our professional and personal life is understanding and interacting with other human beings, and accepting who we are. We are facing so many different situations on a daily basis that after several years of recruitment we could all write a book about our recruitment adventures (some extraordinary, extremely funny or sad stories). We learn a lot about ourselves and others.

-  It's about how rewarding a successful recruitment can be. When a talent and a line manager decide to work together and thank you for introducing them to each other, it is an awesome feeling (and it's even more enjoyable when they both enjoy their respective recruitment choices after several years)! I truly believe that the right job/team member can positively change your life!

-  It's because we should all learn something new every day. I have worked in other jobs before entering in the recruitment world and since then I have been learning something new every day thanks to the professionals I am working with.

- It's also because it’s fun. There is not one day I haven't smiled or laughed in the office and having fun colleagues in the office does help a lot. Recruitment is so intense it has to be fun otherwise we would all go crazy! Fun in the office, fun with candidates and clients, fun in your private life. We are not here to disturb or being intrusive. If we are in touch it's for a good reason and there is nothing bad behind being interested in what you do, willing to fill positions or introducing the right talent to the right organisation. Recruiting and being recruited has to be a serious and fun experience for all parties involved!

-  It's about the pleasure to interact with my colleagues and manager on a daily basis. I always worked with colleagues and managers who found satisfaction and believe in what they are doing. All of them have been highly specialised in recruitment and/or highly specialised in the function they were recruiting for. Finding the company’s culture and management style which fit you best are essential criteria.

- It's about being specialised in a function which evolves and where there are constant changes you will have to adapt to and anticipate. Especially in digital and technology where skills/competencies are often changing/evolving, where trends and technologies move fast and brands/organisations have to adapt to those changes to stay competitive. We have a consulting role and should be able to advise candidates and clients on market's trends.

By working with the right agency, with the right team and the right specialisation you will have all the keys to succeed in changing people™s lives :)

If you want to know more about this amazing and crazy recruitment world reach out to me or any other Xpander.

Love your work!