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Xpand & Euromoney Seminars Hong Kong

30th Sep 2016 'Cilla Arnold


So Xpand co-organised the Capital Markets Blockchain conference in association with Euromoney Seminars in Hong Kong earlier this month.

We had a full-on day, with a lot of really impressive speakers, all excited to be part of it, trying to shed some light on the applications of blockchain in capital markets. People were pleased to see the user cases and actual/future applications of the service. We were able to successfully steer the conference away from a high-level tech-focused discussion to something more easily digestible with people discussing implementation and operational use.

This goes without saying that our FinTech guru, Phil, was all over it, while I was chairing the whole conference. 

A lot of food for thoughts as well as networking opportunities! Looking forward to the next edition next year!