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Hiring Staff > Retaining Staff: What Is More Important?

1st Oct 2016 'Cilla Arnold


Every day I speak to people looking for new employment opportunities and I ask. Why are you looking to leave?. A question which yields a range of responses has sparked a thought... Hiring the right employee is essential, but once employed, what happens?

My days in recruitment are filled with trying to source and find the top talent (where are you hiding?) in a skill-short industry. Long gone are the days of 10 years+ tenure where it is uncommon to find people employed in an organisation for longer than 3 years. Yes, turnover is inevitable but the truth is; hiring is just the start of creating a strong workforce and keeping them is the real challenge. 

Here are a few ways to motivate your staff and keep morale at an absolute high. 

Work That Matters

Nowadays, it's not only about money, status or perks of the job where it’s crucial for employers to discover what their employees need to thrive and be motivated to stay. The world is changing and people are now motivated by the fact that they believe their work has a positive impact and they are making a difference. Whether it is developing high-tech products that will revolutionise the world or the satisfaction of helping people find their dream jobs (like me), it is important to create rewarding jobs that your employees are proud to be apart of. 

The Life-Long Learner

Coming from zero recruitment and IT experience, it'™s amazing to see how far one person can grow when provided proper training and development opportunities. If you asked me twelve months ago to source a Java developer with experience in CSS, HTML and Javascript, I would have looked at you point blank. Being fortunate enough to work for a business who invest and really care about their people's development, I have learnt and been able to achieve many milestones whilst still feeling challenged. It's clear that businesses who foster this practice will not only stay competitive in the market and upskill their workforce but show employees their value to the future of the business. Just remember that high achievers tend to be life-long learners so be sure to provide ongoing training and advancement opportunities to keep them feeling engaged and motivated. 

The Google-esque Culture

We have all seen the film The Internship and dream about the perks of working for Google. Google, rated the #1 place to work, have done a brilliant job in creating a brand and culture where employees are proud to shout that they are Googlers. How was this done? How is this achieved? It all starts with an upbeat, fun culture which is shaped by the leaders and embedded by the personalities and values of the business. Bells and whistles are fantastic, and the cookie jar, friday drinks, celebrations, work trips/activities definitely make work more enjoyable but the friendly people, respectful environment and team camaraderie are the biggest contributors to my employee satisfaction. The best cultures in market have been created to suit the best people who work at the company while making a positive impression on customers and anyone else associated with the business. Ask yourself, are your employees proud to be brand ambassadors for your business?

Essentially, there is no one-size fits all for retaining staff and the game has definitely changed. Keeping in mind the difficulties in hiring the ideal candidate, it’s crucial to integrate best practices to retain your best talent in order to be successful and stay competitive. It could be as simple as creating rewarding work, career progression, training, good culture or money, so don'™t be afraid to think outside of the box, as each employee will have unique drivers and values. Spend the time establishing what drives your team as the benefits will be well worth the investment!