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My Experience At Xpand So Far...

7th Oct 2016 Eva Ho


It has already been over 7 months since I joined Xpand. I was told this company would be different than other recruitment agencies from the first email I ever received from Xpand. Turns out, it was much more than just another office with people. 

I decided to come back to Hong Kong 2 years ago from Canada. I used to work alone in a small office for the past 4 years and having the same routine during work. Even though that position was suitable for me and I liked the people over there, one thing missing: noise! It was too quiet when I worked except the sound from my computer as I was the only admin there. I thought this could be my job for life until a dinner with my friend, who went to Hong Kong for good after her graduation. She inspired me with HOW MANY opportunities there were in Hong Kong, and there were a lot of things I was sure I couldn'™t experience in Canada. So, why not step out of my comfort zone and see what I could get? I bought a ticket and tried my best to settle in without any offers on my hand. I started to look for an admin job, and fortunately, an offer came to me after a short while and I started my life here.

After about 18 months, I was approached from Xpand. Time seems to travel faster with this company. When I first came to the office and met with the team, they gave me a very warm welcome through their introductions. They asked about my background, told me what was it like working here, about all the jokes and laughs around the office, and made me feel like I belong here right away. I was thinking, œYes I wanted to join so bad and this has been what I was looking for in a company. A company without noise is like working without passion no matter how much you like the job at the beginning.

I'™ve never felt so fresh every morning and have never learnt something new everyday, never ever had drinks after 5pm in office, never laughed so hard in my life when someone got pushed into the swimming pool (at our annual sales conference), never been on a company trip where I got to see all the colleagues from other offices who I spoke to so many times over phone and emails, never been invited to dress up smart to attend a formal awards gala, never got so many hugs during one day, never liked any other company that I joined before. Sometimes I have a feeling of Mission Accomplished after work and pretty sure there will be a lot of firsts for me as long as I stay with Xpand.

Everyone here treats each other like family, and they all have a passion for what they are doing. They all know the steps on how to make this business stronger by helping and looking out for each other. The more days I work, the better I get to know myself. I can happily say I am content where I am now and am not going anywhere for years!