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Xpand FY17 Kickoff

18th Oct 2016 'Cilla Arnold


The Xpand annual sales conference is always highly anticipated. Somewhat of a legendary event for all Xpanders, chatter about the kickoff starts earlier each year!

This year, all Xpanders from Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong gathered on the sunny island of Bintan, Indonesia at the beautiful grounds of Club Med.

Every year we pack more and more into the agenda to really maximise the time we all have together. Between all the archery, trapeze action and massages, we celebrated a number of achievements from the previous financial year and collectively set some goals for the upcoming year.

As I'm sure everyone will agree, the highlight of our trip was our afternoon volunteering with The Island Foundation, a network of thriving coastal communities in the Riau Archipelgo. TIF believes that skills transfer, opportunity creation and local ownership are interdependent pre-requisites to build thriving communities.

We split into 2 groups to visit 2 different villages in Bintan, Malang Rapat and Kawal where we got stuck into a number of labour intensive tasks! We painted the community centres both inside and out, designed and painted a mural in Malang Rapat and also landscaped an area for their new football pitch. Tiring, hot and hard work but extremely humbling to know that we've left behind something the whole community can enjoy together.

We all (reluctantly) left Bintan feeling sad to leave each other again, but with a renowned sense of focus, dedication, catch up dates in the diary and a uniform team spirit for the year ahead.

For more pictures check out our Facebook page or the video below!

Love your work.