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To Sponsor Or Not To Sponsor?

10th Nov 2016 'Cilla Arnold


To Sponsor or Not to Sponsor?

News flash! The Australian Government has recently announced exciting changes to the Working Holiday Visa which will not only benefit the visa holder, but the wider Australian workforce too! 

So, what exactly are the changes? 

As of 1 January 2017, people in Australia on working holiday visas will have increased working rights.

  • The age restriction has been upped from 30 to 35 years old
  • Employees can now stay and work with the same company for up to 12 months, providing the second 6 months is in a different location
  • Reduced fees!

And why is this so great?

In a word, this is excellent news for people who have missed out on the opportunity to experience life down under due to the age restrictions and the expense of visa fees. It also opens up the option to stay with one company for a longer period of time, encouraging skilled international workers to stay in Australia for longer. This, in turn allows them to have a greater impact in their role which will inevitably benefit their long term career progression!  

What's in it for the employer? 

So aside from benefiting international workers looking to gain the Aussie experience, this will also have a huge impact on Australian businesses. The change in age restrictions will mean that we will see an influx in highly skilled, more qualified professionals with extra valuable work experience who are more inclined to make the move down under. This additional skilled workforce is excellent news for a country with a range of skills shortages!  

Now that WHV holders can also work up to 12 months for one company, Aussie businesses will have more time to assess a candidate's suitability and fit for the company before committing sponsorship no strings attached! 

In Summary

On the whole, the visa changes means excellent news all round… for BOTH the international worker and the Australian workforce.

If candidates are anything like me (being a Pommy), then they will no doubt fall in love with Aussie lifestyle and never want to leave. So it ends up being a win-win situation for everyone happy employees and a more skilled work force for Australia!