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Xpand Your Career and Love What You Do!

23rd Nov 2016 'Cilla Arnold


The Xpand Group is a specialist Digital, Technology, Media, Sales & Marketing Consultancy who provide strategic talent acquisition services across APAC. Our agency side manages the full recruitment life cycle from junior to senior roles through to executive search, whilst our solutions business offers Recruiter On-Demand (RO-D), Managed Services Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

So what's the difference between being internal versus external? Or to put it another way, what's the difference being client side versus agency?  We sat down with some Xpanders, namely Emma Langford, Tina Neale and Harriet Templer to find out their views.

What's your background?

EL: 2 years in agency and more recently Xpand have been given me the opportunity to work onsite as the Talent Acquisition Consultant for Multi Channel Network (MCN)
TN: 9 years in agency and internal for 4.5 years, including the past 6 months as Xpand's Client Relationship Director, eBay & Gumtree MSP
HT: 1 year agency and coming up to 3 years internal as the Talent Acquisition Lead for Xpand’s Yahoo7 RPO

What's the major difference in your job now compared to your job in agency?

EL: Both are equally busy but you don't have competing roles and brands and are much more visible to your client sitting onsite
TN: I now get much more involved in strategy around talent and onsite I feel I can be more proactive than reactive
HT: I find Hiring Managers are much more willing to work collaboratively to secure the best talent and being onsite means we work more closely together

What'™s your favourite part of your job?

EL: I love being able to regularly catch up face-to-face and enjoy truly understanding the company culture and what my client is trying to achieve
TN: Developing my Gumtree Business Support team!
HT: All the other cool stuff” I get involved with such as creating content for the careers site, writing blogs about successful people at Yahoo7, employer branding and marketing work

What do you miss most about agency?

EL: I miss being with all the Xpanders and the buzz of agency life. I also miss networking across the industry and being out of the office visiting different kinds of businesses
TN: I miss the sales culture and working with a huge variety of candidates and clients
HT: The hustle and bustle and the noise!

Which option do you recommend to clients and why?

EL: A specialist agency like Xpand is perfect for hard to fill roles and rare skills set; solutions are good for high volume recruitment
TN: Where a client is looking to volume hire or need a long term fix then go with a solution
HT: I would recommend a solution to a client who was trying to resolve an ongoing talent problem, or if they have to ramp up for a project, or have no recruitment team

In your opinion, what kind of human is attracted to internal versus external recruitment?

EL: I think they are quite different beasts, and probably it'™s the stereotype; external or agency attracts more of a hunter while internal more of a collaborative, farmer type
TN: People think internal is less sales, but I disagree. There's still that sales element to it, as you need to show value and get your client bought in, so you become their trusted advisor and long-term partner
HT: Agency draws in people who are sales-oriented and like the money. Internal is more about building something bigger and putting in processes to create a solution

Why would you recommend Xpand?

EL: I love how Xpand allows you to do recruitment in your own way. We are unique in the industry because we are encouraged to be creative in our approach and you have the unsurpassed support of management!
TN: Xpand are truly specialists who understand one size does not fit all. We are flexible from both a client and staff perspective, and have knowledgeable and experienced Xpanders in both our agency and solutions businesses
HT: At Xpand you can have the best of both worlds! You get to work with great, outgoing and amazing people and still achieve results and quality outcome, whether you are in agency or onsite.

It's our people that make Xpand the kind of company it is. We hire people for both our agency and solutions business who are love what they do, are, intelligent, smart and driven. We value diversity, passion and personality. Most of all we value integrity. To find out more about how we find talent that helps transform companies please click around on our website!