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We Are Hiring In Melbourne!

13th Dec 2016


So, we’re hiring in Melbourne!

The journey so far...

  • Obligatory add posted on Seek, tick
  • Linkedin network tapped up, tick
  • Letters/emails sent out to friends and family asking for referrals, tick
  • Team mates reminded about the internal referral fee (bribery) program, tick
  • Sit back and watch the candidates roll in, tick
  • Result = Donuts, nothing, zip

I'm not taking it personally in any way, we'€™re all busy, it'€™s the end of the year, we'€™re all in demand and all too busy making placements to respond to our families let alone a recruitment ad! It'€™s okay, with a bit of counselling and a lot of vodka I'€™ll work through the silence.

So I'm writing a blog to let all of the potential Xpanders know a little bit more about the Melbourne team.

Let'€™s start with the basics; €œWho the hell are Xpand?

We are a collection of like-minded souls on a mission to try and do recruitment better within the Digital, Technology, Media, Sales & Marketing industries!

We set out to do this by putting candidates at the front of our priority list. So rather than being a reaction to a clients requirements, candidates for us are the catalyst for everything we do!

So we start with getting our people to specialise within specific job families. Their jobs are simple but fiendishly difficult to get right;

  • Engage with and build relationships with the best talent in their market sector. We take time to understand their needs, wants and aspirations
  • Connect with companies that people actually want to work with because they are a) doing something interesting and or good in the world b) have created an awesome culture that celebrates the individual whilst working collaboratively to get stuff done in a fun and ideally innovative way c) both of the above
  • Like the best mixologists we combine one part exceptional candidate, one part awesome employer and a dash of recruitment consultation/advice/nagging, stir gently and serve!

There'€™s more to it than this but this is essentially what we do, find great people, connect them with the best companies, sprinkle some recruitment fairy dust and watch the magic happen.

As I said, simple but very hard to get right!

This next bit is unashamedly a little more salesy! 99% of agencies say the same thing, the job description is, after all, pretty similar across the industry. The key difference with Xpand is that we have a track record, clients, and awards to back it up.

We partner with groups like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and eBay, and when we say, partner, we mean that these clients are fully engaged partners and not just someone we'€™ve made an opportunistic placement with.

We innovate, we have a range of bespoke recruitment solutions and products that are challenging the way companies recruit top talent.

Xpand are amongst the most awarded agencies in industry! A brief summary of our awards over the last 2 years are as follows.

Winner: Excellence in Candidate Care (RCSA Awards)
Winner: Best Candidate Experience - Silver (Asia Recruitment Awards Singapore)
Winner: Best Specialist Recruitment Business (Global Recruiter APAC)

Winner: Best New Recruitment Agency - Silver (Asia Recruitment Awards Hong Kong)
Winner: Best Candidate Experience - Gold (Asia Recruitment Awards Hong Kong)
Winner: Best Candidate Experience - Silver (Asia Recruitment Awards Singapore)
Winner: Best Recruitment Agency - Gold (Asia Recruitment Awards Singapore)
Winner: Excellence in Candidate Engagement (SEEK SARA)
Winner: Best Creative & Digital Recruitment Firm (Recruitment International Hong Kong)
Winner: Best Candidate Relationship & Marketing - Gold (HR Vendor Awards Hong Kong)

Why work for us in Melbourne?

Because we're all awesome! Well maybe that’s a stretch but what we are is a close knit group of average looking but funny guys propped up by and totally overshadowed by a group of exceptionally smart, dynamic, talented and hard working girls!

We may have differing views on sport, politics, music, fashion, food, what constitutes acceptable personal and office hygiene but for the most part we all get on and we all agree on our goals, what we want to achieve as a team and that we should have fun doing it.

Here'€™s a little bit more about the Melbourne team

  • We'€™re unique; we are currently the only team in the Recruitment Universe world without a single English person working for them!!! We're a proud mix of Victorians (including a Gangsta from the Westside), a Mauritian, the inevitable Irishman, a Scotsman (to add a level of class and sophistication) and even a Welshman (every flock has its black sheep!!)
  • We may be young but that doesn't mean we don't have experience; the Xpand team has a great combination of gnarled recruitment veterans and bright young things! All told we have a combined total of over 80 years recruitment experience but unlike most 80 something'€™s we have the boundless energy of a sparkly eyed 20 year old!
  • Tokyo here we come; we'€™re targeting a place on the Australian Table Tennis Team at the next Olympics. We love our office table tennis table. Our quarterly office TT tournament is hotly contested and the prize of Office champion is highly coveted!
  • We like to share; we love hosting events, sharing knowledge and learning new things that we can share with our candidates and clients. Recent Meetup topics discussed include wearable devices and the internet of things, IOT security, and innovation and disruption within the payments industry. We'€™re taking a brief break over the holiday period before kicking off the New Year with a Meetup in early March, details to follow.
  • We know people who know things; as you'€™d expect of a digitally focused agency we love networking through social media. Our combined network allows us to reach literally hundreds of thousands of talented individuals who we share market knowledge, recruitment trends, exciting career opportunities and information about upcoming events.
  • We're coffee snobs; life'€™s too short for bad coffee. We're surrounded on all sides by some of the best Caffeine dealers in Melbourne and we each have our own preferred establishment just don'€™t ask us to agree which is the best.
  • We're passionate about what we do; we love our jobs; we get excited by the opportunity to place great talent, in fantastic jobs within exciting companies. As a team we'€™re committed to offering the best xperience (see what we did there) to both candidates and clients.
  • We love a good roast; who doesn'€™t like a good roast dinner? The Melbourne office is not only brilliantly located, backing on to De Graves street, but also comes with a fully equipped kitchen including an oven which the team puts to good use at our monthly team lunches where we take it in turns to cook the team a roast of our choice. The upcoming Xmas lunch is highly anticipated!

What we need from you? Aah the old wish list

Firstly, all of the above is a genuine reflection of who we are and what we do, if you are excited and interested by the prospect of working in this sort of environment then read on, if not then don'€™t. 

Put simply, we’re looking for honest, hard working, chaps and chapesses with a sense of humor and a real drive to achieve.

Xpanders are by there very nature solutions orientated, innovative and willing to challenge the norm, to be successful with us you will be no different.

We need people who love talking to people, have an innate curiosity and are always seeking to learn and develop.

You will be mature enough to manage your own desk without being too serious.

Positivity goes a long way! Recruitment can be a tough mistress and whilst we don'€™t expect you to walk around grinning through the pain, a positive outlook helps get you and everyone else through the times when things don’t go you/our way.

We'd like to talk to you if you have a good background in either Technology of Digital recruitment. Alternatively, if you have worked directly within either sector and are interested pursuing a career in recruitment then lets chat about a job with us and how your current skills could be transferred into a productive and rewarding career in our industry.

What'€™s in it for you?

  • Aside from working with some of these wonderful humans?

  • You get to work with some excellent clients

  • You'd be joining one of the most experienced Digital recruitment agencies in Australia. Benefiting from well established networks and working alongside some of the brightest minds in recruitment

  • There'€™s excellent training and support. You'€™ll get on job training from some of the most experienced consultants in industry supported by a tailored online training course

  • A competitive salary and bonus package

  • Did I mention we have fun? Here'€™s the link to our most recent sales conference in Indonesia

So if any of this strikes a chord with you, then get in touch to understand if Xpand fits you and vice versa...