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What's Next For You In 2017?

29th Dec 2016


In a couple of days, we are closing 2016. And what a year indeed! You look back and think how fast it went and what changes have taken place. Digital revolution, Blockchain, IoT, Brexit, PokemonGo, Microsoft acquiring Linkedin, Apple battling FBI on iPhone security, Lazada buying Redmart, Brangelina (it is still a big news!) and Trump Presidency are just a few of what 2016 is about.

New buzzwords will crop up and as always, in a couple of months, it will be overlooked.  I remember when big data was the most used term in 2012. Every IT professional I know has used this in once or twice in a conversation. Technology is always evolving and by the time you grasped one concept there will be a new buzzword to be learned. But that's how we get better at what we do, right?

So whats it going to be in 2017? What trends can we expect? What new coined terms will be popular in discussions again? How will the economy affect our careers? How soon can we adapt to the new technologies?

Let's not get ahead too much and missed on the fun of discovery! But to help you get some ground works moving, Linkedin has come up with the top 10 skills that will be most in demand in 2017.

1. Cloud and Distributed Computing
2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
3. Web Architecture and Development Framework
4. Middleware and Integration Software
5. User Interface Design
6. Network and Information Security
7. Mobile Development
8. Data Presentation
9. SEO/SEM Marketing
10. Storage Systems and Management

Research on these new trends. Is this a path you see your career going? Is this an area you will be passionate about? 

As an IT Professional, you are always expected to update your skills and be more relevant. True enough, because the technologies you know now, will have a newer and better version in a couple of months time. Sign up for training, attend meetups, join conventions and connect with relevant people. On top of these though, I believe that you need to be passionate in learning and acquiring new skills. Otherwise, its just signing up for a new profile in the latest dating app.

2017 teases us with more excitement in technology. The innovations are colossal. Learning is boundless. Take yourself to the next level. Now, stop reading, get our contact details, and let's talk about that new career for you!