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3 keys to know if you are successful in your job

15th Mar 2017


How good are we at our job? We often have an opinion about it, but that is often a pure reflection of our own self-esteem. So how do we know if we are really successful? Take the test by following these 3 steps:

1. The big, (in)-famous KPIs. We all dislike them, but they have the clear advantage of being rather objective. KPIs should be by definition Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and have a Timeline. They are then hopefully both realistic and ambitious, which makes them a good thermometer of your performance within a company. They cannot however solely define your success.

2. Because we all know success is not the equivalent of high performance. Do you go to work in the morning only looking to the time you'll be able to finally escape? Can you be successful if you don't feel fulfilled in your daily life? A simple test for me has been to always ask myself the question: what is the thing I love most about my job (Friday beers don't count), and does that constitute the core of my work? As a Brand Manager I was meeting all my KPIs, but realised what I really enjoyed was presenting the upcoming launches to the sales rep and meeting our clients. And that happened once every quarter. I realised I was more interested in people than products, and the shift to a people-focused job made all the difference. 

3. Lastly, pay attention to what your colleagues and internal/external clients say about you. To succeed, I'm deeply convinced that one needs the intelligence of the brain, and that of the heart. How do people see you, what do they say about you at work? Your attitude, team-playing behaviour and positivity at work are in most cases tightly linked to your success within a company.

So how do you rate yourself? In the end, one could map out hard work and a positive mindset as the most direct route to success. And the Recruiter in me would add, in the right workplace, providing you with the best environment for you to thrive!