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How To Xpandify Your Interview

29th Mar 2017


After commencing as a Consultant in Technology at Xpand for almost 3 years, I left and returned as Office Manager. The feeling I had coming back was like being home again there were some familiar faces but there were many more new ones too. One thing has always remained the same at Xpand and that is the culture of our company. We are more like a family than individuals working together.

In my current role, I have had the pleasure of meeting many different Candidates coming in for interviews. For those who know me, I'm always open to a chat! One thing for sure is the importance of preparing for an interview.

During my experience as a Consultant, I spoke to many clients after waiting anxiously for feedback on my €œdiamond in the rough€ candidate, however it never ceased to amaze me how many do not fully prepare for their interviews. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Research location, decide if you are catching public transport or driving. If you are driving to an interview please consider extra time for parking or allow for possible delays if taking public transport
  • Make sure you look up the location of the company beforehand.. If you are unsure please speak to your Consultant as I'€™m sure they would be more than happy to assist you with directions
  • Dress appropriately for the position. Ask your Consultant if you should dress corporate, smart casual etc
  • Please research the company before your interview It never ceases to amaze me how many try to wing it with a bit of an idea about the company. The client will want to know why you want to join their business so give them a good reason, tell them what you know about their business by searching the company's website and social media presence.
  • Clients like you to ask a few questions back. Show an interest in why you would want to join their organisation
  • If by chance you are running late please contact your Consultant as soon as possible so they can let the client know
  • Breathe, relax and show the client why you are the right person for the role
  • Lastly don'€™t be too discouraged if you do not get the job. Ask for some constructive feedback from your Consultant and learn from the experience

Of course having an Xpander representing you means you'€™ll be in good hands with lots of preparation on the types of interview questions you can expect.

Good luck!