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What is the most unique thing about being an Xpander?

7th Mar 2017


The start of 2017 brings the dawn of a new era for us at Xpand! 

We have been super busy with loads of opportunities from our amazing clients, as well as sourcing talented Consultants to join our terrific APAC teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong.

At Xpand our mission is to find talent that helps transform companies; as many of them change the world and that's pretty cool!

And quite simply, that's why we love what we do! We value diversity, passion and personality. Most of all we value integrity.

So, how do we find such unique and special humans to join us at Xpand? And more importantly, why do the best ones stay at Xpand?

We decided to ask our people these very questions;

What is your favourite and  / or most unique interview question?

1. Career wise, what has been your biggest doozy and how did you turn things around / what did you learn?
2. You started recruitment in X, what would you do differently?
3. What is your most natural talent?
4. What are the 3 key things you are looking for in your next role that are missing from your current one?
5.What is the most cutthroat thing you'€™ve ever done in the workplace?
6.Do you think you are eccentric?
7. What’s your unique skill/s that you would like to bring to your next job?
8. What qualities can you bring to Xpand and why do you want to work for us?
9.€œDo you have any questions for me? It provides good insight into the thought process, the preparation people have put in and can offer some good insights into their interest levels
10. As the joke goes 3 people walk into a bar, which one are you and why???
11. What’s your favourite thing to do that’s not work related? 
12. What's something you are most proud of and why?
13. Give me an example of time where you have been in challenging situation and had to ask other people to support you in order to achieve a successful outcome
14. If you have a chance to make an improvement in your current or previous company, what would it be?
15. How would your best friend describe you?
16. What would they describe as your best and worst features?

What is your favourite and / or most unique thing about working for Xpand?

1. The secret ice cream club in Singapore!
2. The work flexibility
3. The travel!
4. Steve Bielby!!!
5. The people, the team and my colleagues€“ the most vivacious, mad, creative and loyal bunch of people with big hearts I've ever worked with!
6. The people. Xpanders are some of the craziest, fascinating and personable people I’ve ever met.
7. The freedom to be as weird as you are and using that to Xpand's advantage.
8. My favourite bit about being at Xpand is that they allow me to be myself and send memes around.
9. €œDare to be bold€ which means people can be themselves and push the boundaries and reach their limit of potential.
10. My favourite thing about Xpand is definitely the awesome people and culture of the business!! 
11. Xpanders are the most down to earth recruiters I have met and embrace the industries they work for in every way!
12. A consistent view throughout all of our offices of driving our “candidate first€ model throughout the business and a real level of care to our candidates and clients.  A lot of people say it but we actually do it.
13. Inter-office collaboration and everyone’s belief in the brand we represent and the results we deliver
14. You have the freedom to be yourself!!!!
15. You have the opportunity to work with amazing brands on some of the most exciting roles in the APAC region
16. You make your own success and are allowed to build up your own mini business
17. The range clients we can engage with
18. I believe our brand is up their with the best, especially in the Digital and Adtech markets
19. The people
20 The understanding that happy employees are productive employees
21. I can wear the same shirt and jeans everyday without anyone noticing
22. Freedom to think and be yourself. Working with a really great group of people who are happy to share and help one another
23. Oh, and the table tennis table's pretty good too
24.  The trust, support and fun within the office€“ and how we celebrate our success!

Well, there you go! Our unscripted, honest and genuine Xpanders tell it like it is!  

And despite some changes, our DNA stays intact and our commitment to our brand remains unwavering.  

It'€™s worth remembering that with change comes enormous OPPORTUNITY! We want some new blood, and are keen to meet individuals who are happy, positive, driven, self-motivated and understand there'€™s loads of opportunity and money to be made at Xpand!

If this sounds like you or someone you know, reach out, we'€™d love to have a coffee / beer with you!

Only humans with a high EQ need apply! (Preferably no fear of heights too after the recent Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!)