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The Agile Age

7th Apr 2017


Last week I had the pleasure to be a part of hosting the Welcome to the Agile Age event for the first time as an Xpander. The event was orchestrated in typical Xpand fashion, vibrant, educational, thought provoking and load of delicious cheese and wine (bon appetite!). Also, a big round of applaud to our expert panellists Sophie, Javier, Lorenz and Chris for shedding light on such prevalent yet misconceived topic. The discussion provided the attendants a general definition of what is agile methodology? And continue to reflect on topics such as what is the essence of agile methodology? How does it benefit the product or more so, the organization? What is scrum master? How to measure agile coaching return on investment etc. There was one particular idea which inspired me writing this blog was how agile is being applied in other industries. The panelist talked about agile marketing, an innovative way of managing marketing campaign using the agile approach. In the past, marketing budget planning tends to be static and budget is allocated months or quarters in advance with limited room for adjustment. This approach prevents the team from being opportunistic, unable to react to what's happening in the market spontaneously. Since the campaign is planned so far in advance, it is more like €œgo big or go home because if you fail, you fail big time. On the contrary, the agile way is to allocate lesser marketing budget in shorter timeframe e.g. one or two months, and uses that budget to achieve a small goal. This way it mitigates the risk of investment and can see results in a shorter amount of time. Lorenz said being agile is an approach more so than a current set of rules, and can be applied to everything even baking! Which makes me wonder, how agile is Xpand as a recruitment business?

To tackle the question, we must look at The Manifesto for Agile Software Development a manifesto created by seventeen software engineering veteran in February 2001 in sharing their experience of developing software and helping others to do it. It is where agile methodology has originated:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Xpand is a unique specialist recruitment firm and we operate in the Candidate First€ model. Our focus is building strong, long-term and trusted relationships with a core group of exceptional candidates within tightly defined niches. Our business model is centralized in individual and interactions and we meant that from the bottom of our heart.

Working Software over comprehensive documentation

For this bit, we might have to use our imagination. In the context of recruitment, the software is equivalent to our service. We take pride in providing efficient, pragmatic and seamless service to our clients and candidates.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Xpand being the forefront of recruitment firm in organizing events and being intimate with the market, we value collaboration between customer in creating synergy and achieving win-win situation. 

Responding to change over following a plan

The world of technology is constantly changing and so is our business. Our consultants are active in keeping abreast to what is happening in the market. We are all inquisitive creatures with a huge appetite for market intel and domain knowledge. 

The above can be seen as a summary as to how agile Xpand is and that we are one of a kind in the game. Welcome to the Agile Age!