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Supporting A Team

4th May 2017 Eva Ho


Being in a back office or office management role involves wearing a lot of hats and the ability to stay on your toes and multitask. These few tips will ensure you stay organised:

Time Management

Every task has a deadline and you should always aim to finish on time or earlier. Therefore, always think one step ahead, and be a master of time management. The most effective way is to write down all the stages or separate tasks once told. Keep your pen and notepad ready, and ask questions. Don't challenge your memory skills on the task, as forgetting something might cost you. If you find some spare time in between, take your time to finish them and you'€™ll find that your unfinished tasks tend to stay manageable, leaving you less stressed and free to focus on the time-sensitive requests.

Write it down. Cross it off. Repeat.


It'€™s always good to be prepared that an urgent request might pop up around you while you are sticking to your day to day tasks. In a support role, the staff expect you would have all the answers when they ask about supplies, passwords, anything to do with the office etc. You have to learn to be flexible with your time.

Your main goal? Always keep things running smoothly and avoid saying €œI don'€™t know€, instead, always try to find a solution!