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How to be efficient in your job search

16th Aug 2017


How to stop wasting your time with the wrong recruiters? How to be efficient in your job search? How to enjoy your job search? 

And no, the answer is not to stop working with recruiters! 

Is it your first job search? Have you just been made redundant? Are you exploring new opportunities? Are you relocating to a new country?

Using a Recruitment Agency can be very efficient. Looking for a job or for a candidate is a full time job. We are all aware of how time is precious and how the right job and candidate can change lives! Plus, recruiters have access to people, companies, information and roles you are interested in. 

They will save you a great amount of time and stress in your job search.

For that, you will have to work with the right ones! And Today, I want to give you some advice on how to choose the right recruiter or agency to work with. 

Don't forget, you are the one in control!

Who is the right recruiter for you?

We can all agree, that in every profession there are good and bad professionals. And despite the general notion, recruiters are not all bad!

The right recruiter is:

  • sending relevant job descriptions
  • polite, professional, pleasant and even fun to work with (who said recruitment has to be boring!?)
  • specialised in your function or industry 
  • answering your questions and giving you advice 
  • listening to you and understanding your expectations 
  • preparing you for interviews and giving you feedback
  • a facilitator to coordinate interviews 
  • a negotiation support when it comes to the offer stage
  • supporting you with the on boarding process
  • following your career and evolution 

If to start with, the recruiter is not good with points 1 to 5 you can assume it’s not the right person for you. It’s a bit like a speed dating!

Point 3 is a very important one: A recruiter specialised in your function or industry will make a big difference. As they work on specific type of roles, they are more likely to approach you for relevant opportunities. They also understand your skills and speak the “same language” as you do. They work with companies which are interested in your competencies. They know their market, can give good advice and share market intelligence. 

How to find the right recruiter?

Imagine you are new in town. You are looking for a doctor or hair dresser. You have specific needs and you will base your search on specific criteria!

To find the right Recruiter I:

  • ask friends, ex-colleagues, professionals in my industry or functions 
  • search online for specialised agencies
  • visit their website 
  • review their job ads 
  • discover their online presence, professional network and clients 
  • read comments about them 
  • select the two bests ones 
  • prepare my CV and a short introduction email 
  • get in touch with the most relevant recruiter from the 2 selected agencies 
  • follow them on social media and LinkedIn, turn on alerts for their job ads

Points 4 and 5 are critical. The volume and quality of job ads and the type of clients are two essential criteria for your job search.  

Point 7: Two agencies should be enough to start with. There is no need to send your Cv to all the specialised agencies in the area. Try to make sure there are not too many overlaps and enough client diversity between the two of them.

The social media presence, culture, vision and people are also very important points. You want to be represented by people who like and know their job and not the ones who are just counting the number of CVs sent and calls made last week!

Many recruiters are trained and asked to be as productive as possible, regardless of the quality of their work. Thats the main issue in this industry. Quite a lot of agencies are not paying enough attention to their work ethics and candidate care.

Don't worry! There are agencies and recruiters which are not KPI-driven, who have values, and understand that it’s not all about volume! They are recognised for the quality of their work and have excellent comments and feedback from candidates and clients. They organise professional events and also have fun at work. When you choose an agency to represent yourself, imagine what it’s like to work there!

It’s not rocket science, but I hope this article will help to make your candidate experience much more enjoyable!

As Liz Ryan recently wrote: “You are in the driver's seat — but only if you believe it” (‘Ten Things Only Bad Recruiters Say’).