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Why do less women apply for leadership roles in Technology?

16th Mar 2018 Lorena Montes


"Lorena, if you can find us a diverse shortlist of candidates showing a representation of each gender... even better!"

Mr Client... I would love to find you a mix of female and male managers for your team but females are scarce or hiding from me.

I attended a training session a couple of months ago with SEEK and to my surprise, we learned that female candidates were less likely to apply to roles where they didn't match ALL of the requirements for the role. The funny part about this was that men did... and I have seen it first hand as most of the applicants for roles I advertise are men. This isn't a lets bash men for applying for jobs they do not meet requirements for, it is more of an encouragement for women to have the same confidence.

You have seen a job advert for a VP of Engineering, you are currently managing your own team of Developers and you know this is the next step up for you in your career. The advert says VP of Engineering to manage your own team of Developers.. but this isn't your job title YET so you do not apply. Meanwhile, your male equivalent in another department sees the same advert and thinks "I manage a team and this could be the next step for me in my career" and APPLIES. What has stopped you from getting this role? - Yourself! The confidence you have in yourself only.

On the other end, the Recruiter (i.e. me) is thinking "Damm I would love it if I could have a mix of female and male candidates to show my client." and my client is also thinking "Would be nice to have a few more females in our team".

So the only thing I can say is... do not let a job title stop you from applying for the next steps. Believe in yourself and have more confidence in your ability. You probably already tick most of the requirements in the job advert and yes you might not have "led a team of 25 Developers" YET, but you can and will do one day! So stop waiting for your current Manager to see your potential when other companies will do this by meeting you once, twice or even three times during interviews.

So ladies and gentlemen lets all have the same confidence that Kanye West and Madonna have and achieve things that we never thought were possible.

Now if you read this and thought, hold on that sounded a bit too much like me, then have a look at this...

Don't say I didn't give you the opportunity and confidence to apply :)

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