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A career in Digital Media Technology

25th Jul 2018 Joanna Cockle


Digital media, and the technology that surrounds it, has become a massive factor in our diverse communication and computing environment.  The increase in digital media has created a plethora of jobs and a need for more talent to pick up the slack.

Many universities are now offering digital media technology as a major, and receiving a degree in this field will give  a solid foundation knowledge, necessary to create interactive digital media products.  Along with general knowledge, these degrees add skills such as coding, data analysis and manipulation of digital media tech, they introduce modern techniques used for multimedia data acquisition, analysis, processing, compression, and management. 

With the variety offered in areas of study, such as statistical natural language processing, multimedia design and authoring, retrieval of multimedia, usability engineering, visual analytics, and a myriad of others, majoring in digital media tech could be a viable option for your future and the career you wish to pursue.  This also affords the opportunity to engage in hybrid/ cross-discipline options of learning, with disciplines such as architecture and design thinking. 

Digital media technology is prevalent in the advertising and marketing industries and is found in the form of websites, newspapers, magazines, e-books, along with numerous other platforms.  With the number of job positions needing to be filled, a degree in digital media technology could be a lucrative avenue to pursue, promising a career with endless possibilities.  Jobs such as traders, planners, adtech specialists, website and social media managing and marketing, SEO experts etc. are prevalent on employment sites, letting us know that there is high demand for skills in this space. 

Digital media comes with such variety and with so much wiggle room that it can be implemented in almost any modern-day work environment with effectiveness.  Pursuing a degree that gives you the option to use it in a myriad of ways is better than being tied down and stuck with a degree that only offers one option as far as employment goes.  Most thought processes tend to be structured around one skill and the mastery of it, but as the saying goes "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

Some studies suggest that the typical millionaire has AT LEAST seven sources of income.  It's hard to have six sources of income whenever you're only skilled at one thing.  If the elite wealth holders are multi-faceted jacks of all trades, then why should we settle for only being skilled at one?