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Mobile Applications That Can Improve Productivity

15th Aug 2018 Xiao Sun


Smartphones are one of the most important parts of our life in this day and age. Smartphones with mobile apps are a double-edged sword in that on the one hand, most people lose countless hours in a day glued to their mobile devices for social media, online games etc. However, the advancements in technology and growth of mobile app development has also given us some incredible apps that could actually help people to improve their work efficiency and life quality.

Today I want to share some mobile apps types that can actually help us boost our productivity at work and quality of life. 

Office Apps

When you’re running for meetings all day, having hundreds of emails lying in your mailbox waiting to be read and you have to meet tight deadline’s, then you will find the attraction of mobile email apps is undeniable. Email apps in particular, are changing the way we work in so many different ways as we are now always connected or “always on”. Most email providers have their own mobile app, but I would recommend an app called myMail, you could use most of the major email addresses on the market, managing your different email within one app.   

If you try to get work-life balance, you probably want to know where all your time goes, in this case, a time tracker is very helpful for time management. It allows you to define your daily tasks and track how long you spend on each item. It provides clear data whether you spent too much time on one task or another and you can make adjustments based on this data. ATracker is a very useful one in this case, of course there are many other apps which have the same function, you just need to find the one most suited to you. 

Working as a recruiter I use many app’s for work as well, in Xpand we use JobAdder which I find extremely helpful to manage candidate, track candidate’s information and find the data I need anytime anywhere.  It even has a auto record so I can directly save the contents of my meetings with clients and candidates into the system, without having to go back and type them in later when I get back to the office. 


If you are a new worker like me you probably want to know where your salary goes every month, did you spend too much money on a dress or a burger?  Some finance apps can give you clear data about your finance situation and even give you a report on how you’re doing this month, a forecast for where you’ll be next month, a heads up about upcoming bills (I hate this but extremely helpful when I want to just buy one more item but realised I have to pay rent in a week)!

Not talking about the digital transformation apps, we don’t have to go to the bank anymore to transfer money, actually we don’t even have to take cash or use credit card as mobile app’s like Alipay in China are convenient enough to pay anywhere.  If only the Hong Kong taxis would catch up!


Getting to the gym is a struggle for lots of us, and personal trainers in most gyms are expensive, if you are facing the same problem then there are some gym apps which bring live classes around the world to you. Also I found some of the fitness record apps extremely helpful with all the data I put in every month I could clearly how is the work out goes, with my weight, body fat and muscle rate etc. I use MyFitnessPal and Google Health and look to plan and manage my workouts and improvements “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Personal Life 

Keep in touch with all your friends and family in an almost face to face way. I left home for university when I was 16 years old and now I am living in a different country to my family, ever since I use FaceTime to call my family in China every few days, though it’s difficult to take the place of true face to face communication, modern video conference options, such as Skype and FaceTime could get you pretty close.  These apps are also great for interviews as we do a number of international searches in our candidate short markets and instead of having to fly candidates over, we can use these apps to have in depth interviews remotely.

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram also help us to record our life, share pics and know what is happening around the world, how people are living there. All these platforms give a stronger connection for me and my friends everywhere. 

All considered now we can clearly understand how mobile apps improves work productivity and our overall life quality, it’s all about how to use the smartphone and mobile apps smartly.  Just remember to give yourself a break and enjoy nature!