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Xpanders help out at BARC in Bali

18th Nov 2018 Joanna Cockle



While in Bali for the offsite strategy meeting, the Singapore Xpanders spent the day at BARC 4 BALI DOGS, a no-kill shelter providing vaccination, sterilization and other necessary medical assistance to all rescued animals as well as conducting educational programs in the Balinese community. 

BARC is not your typical shelter. It is a rehabilitation facility for injured and abused dogs that provides a place for street dogs to be cared for, nurtured and brought back to good health with the hope of adopting them out to local families and permanent residents of Bali.

BARC is more than happy for groups or individuals to come down to their centre in Ubud and volunteer for the day, which is exactly what the Singapore Xpanders did. We took some of the dogs for a walk, played with them, some conquered their fear of dogs, helped feed them and just spent time with them. BARC also have a charity store to support their efforts, which you can also shop from online.

Bali is a popular destination for lots of those from Australia and Singapore given it's location, but there are many ways to help BARC even from overseas, read how you can help here.