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Can Having An Office Dog Benefit Your Team?

24th Jul 2019 Joanna Cockle


Here at Xpand, we are not just the most awarded recruitment agency for Candidate Care – we are also huge promoters of the humble office dog. Why? They are cute, they are fun, they are fluffy – but they also help boost production and relieve workplace stress. Take it from us, industry-leading experts agency recruiter in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong: Dogs are brilliant, and office dogs are the very best boys! You may have seen photos of Ash and Kush, Laetitia's rescued doggos in Hong Kong. The whole team (and building) there will attest to all of the benefits below of having an office dog!


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Recruitment No Longer Stops at Humans

With the advancement of computers, we all assumed that digital technology would be the next significant workplace advancement. We believed that AI and robotic interfacing would replace the familiar colleague. We were wrong. Way wrong. 2019 is the year of the office dog (well, 2018 was actually the Year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac calendar). 

Now dogs can be recruited too. Don't worry, you don't need to pay them, but if they are well behaved and belong to a regular staff member, then why not have them in the office? Offices throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore are taking up the call to have office dogs as official members of staff.

It has been reported that 40% (Forbes) of the uprising millennial workforce want to work in an office that has a dog in it. That's a pretty big number!

The Benefits of an Office Dog

On a slightly more serious note, the recruitment of an office dog might not be such a bad idea. Here at Xpand, we are expert agency recruiters who have done ample research into why an office dog might benefit your firm. No, we didn't include words like 'fluffy,' 'cute' or 'look at his little paws' on the list, although they are all really apt reasons!

So, What Are the Benefits of Getting an Office Dog?

If you are an employer:

  • Encourage team building – an office dog gets people talking and breaks down social barriers because it has none
  • 90% of offices in one study experienced a change in positivity across the office after the introduction of a dog (Forward Role)
  • Coburg Banks report an increase in productivity in offices with dogs. Although the first few days of the animal's presence might result in a rowdier office; this is only temporary. Regular but short breaks help boost productivity across the board
  • Brand persona – who doesn't want to be the office with the dog? You will be knee-deep in resumes
  • Employee turnover – who leaves an office with a dog in it? Only a monster

If you are an employee*:

  • Oxytocin – regularly petting a dog releases happy hormones for both you and the dog, this results in less stress at work
  • Work/life balance – a dog in the workplace, feels homely. Besides anything else, you will get a fantastic welcome to work every morning
  • You can take turns walking it around to get away from your desk (better circulation, more exercise!)
  • A dog softens the whole official impact associated with digital technology and makes for a more relaxed environment

*Employees should also see this article, by Tractive.

Recruiting Your Office Dog

We do have one or two suggestions on how you go about hiring your office dog. You do not need to endure the usual interview process in this instance since the dogs will not be able to answer your questions of course, but you can have an interview of a different sense!

Of course, the top way for your team to find an office dog is actually to ask the employees. One of them may have a pup of a suitable temperament already. If this is not the case, or if a member of staff intends to get a new dog and train it to purpose, please try and support adoption. There are so many pups in shelters in need of wonderful homes, something we feel quite passionately about at Xpand. In fact, the Singapore team volunteered last year at the BARC shelter in Bali.

Whether you are looking into office dog recruitment in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong; do a little research on what to look for before you commit. This article from Napa's Daily Growl has some tips on what to look for. Consider the religious implications of having an office dog for some, and of course, make sure your building management allow the dog to come with you to work.

Character Traits of an Office Dog

There are traits to look out for to make sure you don't end up with a terror in your office. Make sure any potential office dog is:

  • Calm: before anything else. A boisterous dog makes for a big distraction in the office
  • Well trained: you won't be able to pay someone enough to clean up little presents from the office floor
  • Quiet: yappy dogs are just as distracting as boisterous dogs can be
  • Hypo-Allergenic: to minimize the risk of causing an allergic reaction that forces a staff member to take an anti-histamine; choose from among the more hypoallergenic breeds

More tips include hiring an older animal which is less energetic, avoiding the terrier breed (who tend to be ratters) and hiring a shelter dog instead of buying a new puppy... no dog will ever love you as a shelter dog will.


We work with exceptional talent in Digital, Technology, Media, Sales & Marketing via offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong. We don't only know all about office dogs – we have all sorts of valuable insights into the working world. Follow our page for more office improvements or get in touch today to do some recruiting of your own!

As for the office dog, you should, without doubt, get one.


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