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Should you let your employees work from home?

31st Jan 2020 Sophie Colquhoun


We have noticed a significant shift and demand in job seekers wanting the option of flexible working when looking for a new role, and it can sometimes make the difference between them accepting or rejecting a job offer. 

Flexible working does not work for all job roles and industries but sitting in an office from 9am – 5.30pm, is a way of working that doesn’t suit everyone. Especially in 2019, when as long as you have a laptop and WiFi, you can log on and work from anywhere in the world, still complete your daily responsibilities and stay connected to your teams. It can be argued if the work is getting done, why does it matter where someone is working from?

There are lots of benefits for flexible working, whether that’s in working time (part-time, flexitime), working location (working from home) or the pattern of working (job share), such as:

Higher productivity 

A funny misconception of flexible working, and in particular working from home, is that people are sat in their pyjamas, watching TV and not working when in fact 3 in 5 people who work flexibly put in more hours as a result of being allowed to do so!

Talent Attraction 

By simply adding flexible working to your company policies, it could potentially attract digital talent to want to work for you. If flexible working is something you offer, or plan to in the future, make sure it is clearly communicated to employees what flexible working at your company looks like (policies) and show it off to prospective employees on job descriptions.

There are also lots of benefits for the employee; flexible working can massively improve their well-being, work-life balance, and company loyalty. Offering flexible working options is “a highly effective” way to improve staff morale.

The real problem isn’t where or what times your employees work, it’s disengaged employees. Your good employees working in the right job will work just as well, if not better, flexibly.

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