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How to grow your team remotely

15th Apr 2020 Sophie Colquhoun


Across the world, various measures have been put into place to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, with many countries now in lockdown. Despite this, companies are pushing ahead with their critical hires, and in some industries, demand has increased due to this unexpected situation. 

This is a completely abnormal situation for everyone, therefore, we wanted to share some tips on how to hire potential employees, remotely.

Clear communication

Communication is key whilst you fine-tune your new interview process. It may be quite simple for you to move over to remote interviews but if not, make sure you decide how the calls will take place (phone, video) and whether you’ll use third party assessment tools too. Sharing detailed information on the process will give your potential employee plenty of time to prepare.

Include employee testimonials

As you will not be able to walk prospective new team members around your office, this is a great way to get your workplace culture across. Have some stories from your various employees at different career levels to share. This will give them a genuine insight into your company. You could consider looping one of your employees into a call too so they can talk about their experiences in more detail and have a Q&A.

Describe your way of working in detail 

We’re all operating under a new normal so we would suggest giving an idea of a typical day for an employee at your company. How do your processes work? If you’re hoping to make a hire soon, what would their working day from home be like? Aim to be as transparent as possible so they know what to expect. Make sure you mention your benefits package too.

Split the interview into sections 

If you’re hiring in Tech to split your interviews as so:

  • Culture
  • Pair programming
  • Computational foundations
  • System design
  • Leadership & Management

Additionally, we suggests increasing the interview time to 90 minutes to allow for a more thorough interview.

This is a difficult time for most people but we have seen candidates excel in their video interviews and employer’s hire some fantastic people. As we are all working from home at the moment, there is more opportunity to talk to and interview some great digital professionals.

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