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Geraint Cooper.


Consultant - Data Analytics, Melbourne

+61 3 8637 7370

A brief description of your career history?

I started out in recruitment as a resourcer for Spring Technology in Leeds (England) and rose to consultant before I made the tough decision to leave and travel across South America whilst helping to setting up a ‘not for profit’ for hearing loss in Peru. I then decided to move to Australia, specifically Melbourne, to continue where I left off in recruitment at X:pand.

What makes you ‘now’ in technology?

I am very passionate about all the latest innovations and technologies that people are consistently developing and how they can help shape and mould our future. I feel it’s important to keep abreast of the latest skill sets and needs of our clients and in turn feed that to our candidates or even school our clients in the emerging skills that can be of great benefit to them. The best thing about technology is you never know when the next ‘Internet’ will come about.

What gets you out of bed on a Monday morning?

I don’t live for the weekends, each day is the same. I have a huge drive to succeed and cannot rest easy until a task is completed. The hard work and perseverance followed by the feeling of accomplishment following a successful project is all I need.

What do you see as the next big game changer within the Digital Media and Technology industry?

Continuing with the hype of wearable tech. I believe Google Glass can be a huge game changer once it’s flaws have been rectified, it’s definitely one to look out for in the future. A great example of it’s potential is it’s healthcare applications; with the Medopad application for Glass, doctors can access patient records, check live patient vitals, collaborate by sharing what they are viewing in surgery with up to 5 other doctors, and record video or take pictures.

You call yourself a specialist. Why?

I am a specialist simply because I love what I do. If you’re a brilliant candidate I will find you an equally brilliant company and vice versa. I pride myself upon building strong and lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike, placing the best with the best.

What is your greatest achievement? (This could be either work or personal)

Helping to set up a ‘not for profit’ in Peru (South America) and opening numerous clinics across Cusco (Machu Pichu landing zone). The aim of the charity was to provide affordable or free hearing tests and fitting hearing aids to those who would normally be unable to afford this. We fitted over 300 hearing aids, helping to make a positive impact on hundreds of people’s lives.

What is the best thing about your role?

The best thing about my role is that it matches my personality. I like things thick and fast but also done to the best of my abilities. 

When you were a child, what did you want to be?

I always wanted to be a fighter pilot…but I’m at least a foot taller than Tom Cruise so it never ‘took off’.

What is your favourite quote?

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

If you could invite 5 people to dinner who would they be?

Sir David Attenborough
Saul Hudson
Layne Staley
David Eddings
Che Guevara

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